Investigative Team

Christopher Bradley

Collectively, I have 20 years of experience in patrol, investigations, SWAT tactics, training, and managerial positions within three different law enforcement agencies.  My investigative experiences have presented opportunities to work as a Task Force Officer with the Drug Enforcement Administration. I have played various roles in federal, state, and local investigations.  Because I was the entry team member of a SWAT team, I gained extensive experience in physical surveillance and counter surveillance.  I have interviewing and interrogation experience resulting in the confession of many significant cases. The past 20 years as a sworn law enforcement officer has taught me case management, how to conduct investigations, and prepare for court.     

In addition to my career as an officer, I have 10 years of experience as an instructor for students of law enforcement at Coastal Carolina Community College. I specialize in subject control (state and federal certifications), narcotic detection, active shooter (state and federal certification), solo response active shooter, crisis intervention training, and physical fitness.  Some courses were taught to local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.  For the community, I have conducted threat assessments at schools, churches, and businesses. I consider myself to be an asset to the community.


  • University of Mount Olive June 2013-December 2015
    Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • North Carolina Justice Academy
    Continuing Education courses in the following:
    • Coastal Carolina Community College (1999)
      Basic Law Enforcement Training (Pilot)
    • North Carolina Justice Academy (2001)
      First Amendment Concerns for Public Employers
    • United States Department of Labor (2003)
      Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services
    • North Carolina Department of Labor (2003)
    • Completion of Apprenticeship
    • Cape Fear Community College (2003)
      North Carolina Justice Academy
      Police Law Institute
    • United States Department of Homeland Security (2006)
      FEMA ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
    • Laboratory For Scientific Interrogation (2008)
      L.S.I. Course on Scientific Content Analysis
    • Laboratory For Scientific Interrogation (2008)
      L.S.I. Advanced Workshop on Scientific Content Analysis
    • Craven Community College (2008)
      Physical Surveillance
    • North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission (2009)
      General Instructor Certification
    • Coastal Carolina Community College (2009)
      Basic Undercover Operations
    • Cape Fear Community College (2009)
      Crisis Intervention Team Training
    • Cape Fear Community College (2009)
      Crisis Management Intervention Program
    • North Carolina Justice Academy (2009)
      Fundamentals of the Investigative Process
    • United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (2009)
      Basic Narcotic Investigator School
    • North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission (2010)
      Physical Fitness Instructor Certification
    • North Carolina Justice Academy (2011)
      Interview and Interrogations
    • North Carolina Justice Academy (2014)
      Specialized Subject Control/Arrest Techniques Instructor Training
    • North Carolina Justice Academy (2017)
      Advanced Field Training Officer
    • North Carolina Justice Academy (2017)
      Field Training Officer Supervisor
    • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (2017)
      Basic Tactics Instructor Training Program
    • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (2017)
      Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program

Adam Halstead

Adam enlisted in the United States Marine Corps right out of high school and upon his honorable
discharge from active duty he attended community college as well as participating in the New York Air
National Guard until he was quickly accepted into the New York State Police academy. Adam retired as
an investigator from the New York State Police in 2020. Then, after briefly working for the Emerald Isle
Police Department in NC, Adam left public service and became a licensed private investigator here in
North Carolina.

Adam’s 20+ year career in law enforcement encompassed almost every facet of the profession including
rural, suburban and urban environments. He performed “routine” uniformed patrol as well as worked
on integrated municipality anti-crime teams, interdiction patrols and in investigative units. During his
time as a sworn officer Adam received over 130 complimentary and commendation letters and awards,
both for his field actions and for his investigations.

Adam has over 16 years as a police instructor in numerous disciplines such as defensive tactics, use of
force and standardized field sobriety tests. He was a lead instructor in charge of creating and running on
service courses, and he trained both new recruits as well as seasoned officers.

Additionally, Adam was a certified Crisis (Hostage) Negotiator, Child Forensic interviewer and a member
of the FBI’s local joint child abduction response team.

Frank R. Brostrom

Frank R. Brostrom is a retired FBI Special Agent and seasoned federal investigator with over twenty-seven (27) years of experience in high risk and complex federal law enforcement responsibilities to include extensive training and work in Civil Rights (Color of Law) Investigations; Public Corruption; International Terrorism and Intelligence environments; certification and expertise in Human Intelligence and Human Intelligence Operations; Mortgage and Bank Fraud; Money Laundering; Conspiracy; Interstate Fraud/Major Theft; International Art Crime; Evidence Collection and Preservation; and International Training.

Frank’s experience includes many years of extensive courtroom testimony in federal and state court proceedings, to include testifying as an Expert Witness. During the investigations and subsequent courtroom hearings and trials that Frank supported, he was intimately involved in Victim and Witness rights, protections and procedures. This included working with Confidential and Non-Confidential Government Witnesses and Victims. As part of his responsibilities Frank obtained continuing training and education in these specialty areas throughout his career.

Specialized FBI Training

  • Graduate of the FBI Academy Quantico, Virginia July 1990
    Below is a list of some of the specialized training that Frank has completed during his 27-year career, some of which was obtained through In-service Training or Third-Party training courses.
    • Civil Rights (Color of Law/Excessive Force)
    • Victim/Witness Coordination
    • Advanced Interview and Interrogation
    • FBI International Art Crime Team
    • Human Intelligence Operations
    • Special Agent Bomb Technician
    • Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property
    • Money Laundering
    • FBI Evidence Response Team
    • FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force
    • Organized Crime Investigations
    • Child Abduction/Murder Investigations
    • Violent Street Gang Investigations

Volunteer Service:

  • Site Manager and Coordinator for i9 Sports for children, Greater Wilmington Area
  • Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry (WARM): Volunteer Carpenter for underprivileged Homeowners and Families, Greater Wilmington Area.