Jacksonville, NC Insurance Fraud

Fraud costs billionsHere at Scout Solutions, Inc, we can investigate deep into potentially fraudulent workers compensation claims by conducting background checks, uncovering any suspicious activity involving the claimant and/or family members and review any previous medical records. Each case is individual and may have many different levels of investigative techniques involved. These techniques by experienced investigators may consist of surveillance, conducting neighborhood canvases, medical searches, accident reconstruction, interviewing the claimant and witnesses and comparing statements or compiling and reviewing financial and asset records.

While there are many legitimate claims from injuries that do require long term care, thousands of insurance claims filed each year are questionable and potentially fraudulent. Many of these claims are just paid out by insurance or privately self insured companies due to time constraints or pressure from outside adjusters or attorneys to settle the claim quickly. Hiring Scout Solutions Group, LLC to assist the insurance adjusters, SIU or HR departments can help to produce evidence that will be admissible in court and persuade the parties involved that the claimed injuries are not as they were reported. Well documented reports and video over a period of time cannot be disputed. Life and disability fraud, property damage fraud and theft, embezzlement, false statements and other insurance related crimes are occurring every day. If you suspect any fraudulent activity within your company or with a claimant  in Jacksonville, NC or other areas of North Carolina we are available to assist you.

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