Jacksonville, NC Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud Investigations

Our team of dedicated investigators are skilled in being able to detect and investigate mortgage and real estate fraud in Jacksonville, NC. We offer a basic fraud detection package that includes comprehensive background checks, personal interviews, property inspection and owner occupancy verification.  We are capable of verifying information that is given at any time during the loan process.

We also offer background checks on new and current brokers, closing agents, real estate agents or anyone involved in the mortgage loan process. We work closely with banks, private mortgage insurance companies, investment bankers, title companies and real estate agencies to uncover fraudulent transactions.

  • Asset Checks
  • Asset Protection
  • Background Checks
  • Corporation Entity Records Search
  • Employment Verification
  • Foreclosed Property Protection
  • Keys for Cash
  • Notary Commission Validation
  • Occupancy Misrepresentation
  • Personal Interviews
  • Property Inspection
  • Social Security Numbers Verified
  • Squatters Notification
  • Validation of Claim