Military court-martials

Military court-martials are the most severe sanctions under military law. A court-martial conviction is the same as a federal conviction and can result in jail time (at hard labor), or a punitive discharge, (dishonorable discharge), as well as fines and reduction in rank.

Military court-martials come in three levels:

  • Summary court-martials
  • Special court-martials
  • General court-martials

The level chosen usually depends on the severity of the offense and the rank of the accused. At Cape Fear Investigative services we have completed extensive training in Criminal Investigations, Techniques, Interview and Interrogation Techniques as well as extensive surveillance training. Our familiarity with these areas: specifically, interview and interrogation techniques will allow us to assist any defense in the preparation of their case. We can aid the defense in the extraction of information and evaluating the credibility of witnesses. Bill Ratcliff served with the United States Naval Reserve and has knowledge of the UCMJ.