Paralegal Services – Serving Professionals Nationwide

Scout Solutions Group, LLC offers a wide range of paralegal services. Contact us today for more information on how our company can increase your productivity in the following legal areas.

  • Document/File Review and Summarization:
    We review and summarize documents and entire files (including indexing).
  • Transcription Service:
    Court hearings, telephone conversations, witness interviews, Examinations under Oath, etc.
  • Social Security Disability:
    We review and summarize contents of files and prepare a concise summary of the claimant’s history including forms filed and medical history.
  • Deposition Page/Line Summaries:
    The deposition summaries can be mailed electronically for easy storage on your network or personal computer. If requested, and at no additional charge, deposition summaries contain medical definitions for easy reference. Our deposition summaries are utilized by attorneys and their clients for tasks including: mediation, trial, status reports, client conferences, and are used to assist in deposing witnesses. Our summaries are utilized as a quick reference material to obtain knowledge on newly transferred files from new or existing clients. Save your clients money by sending deposition summaries to experts instead of entire transcripts.
  • Medical and Billing Summaries:
    Medical and Billing Summaries are prepared in chronological or reverse chronological order. Medical summaries can be prepared for easy cutting and pasting into briefs, summaries or client status reports and/or in preparation for deposition testimony
  • Medical Chronologies:
    Chronologies are prepared by provider unless another format is requested. Chronologies can be cross-referenced with comparative notes if desired
  • Medical Research:
    Medical Research is conducted on the Internet and is organized by topic.
  • Trial Preparation:
    We prepare, review and analyze documents (including pre-trial orders and motions in limine)for trial and prepare trial notebooks including notebooks for the Judge and at-a-glance books for the Jury members;  we also prepare Jury boards for ease in selection; assist with preparation of voir dire, pre-trial orders, exhibit lists and pattern Jury Instructions
  • Trial Witnesses:
    We locate and contact fact witnesses and expert witnesses. We can also set conferences with the witnesses, as requested and also, tape/transcribe the interview