Free Examination of Your Vehicle for Detection of Electronic Tracking Devices

At Scout Solutions our Modo is “Peace of Mind.” And we bring that to our Clients time and time again. Do you feel that you are being followed and watched? Do you see the same vehicle and driver over and over again no matter where you go? Does your spouse or stalker let you know that they are aware of your location during the day? If so, you are probably being tracked by an electronic Tracking Device or GPS Tracker.

We have learned in our line of work that Client’s have a sort of “six sense”, or a “gut instinct” that something is not right with a spouse or with someone who is watching and tracking you. You should always follow this instinct because it is usually correct.

For your Piece of Mind, if you are not an existing Client with Scout Solutions, we will provide a FREE, one time, examination of your vehicle for any electronic surveillance devices detection as well as a consultation regarding the analysis.

Don’t delay, trust your intuition and Contact us today…..for Piece of Mind!