ALS Association Fundraiser Lunch at Carrabbas

From Bill’s wife, Kim:


I hope no one minds this personal invitation but several of you ask about my brother and everyone loves Carrabbas!

There is a fundraiser luncheon for the ALS Association on Friday March 15th. There are two seatings: one at 11am and one at 12pm.

Tickets are $25 dollars. The menu is Tea, Caesar Salad, “Forever Braised” Beef Brasato with orzo and vegetables, and dessert is Sogno Di Cioccolata “Chocolate Dream”.

I am selling tickets and will be attending. Just let me know if you would like a ticket or even better would like a ticket and to go with me.

If lunch doesn’t appeal to you there is a walk coming up April 20th I will send information on that later.

***For those new folks or anyone who may not know. My brother Keith Kopka was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease four years ago. He is confined to a wheelchair and can no longer move his legs or arms***

For more information about ALS and the ALS Association, please visit their website.